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“It is my great privilege to highly recommend to you Zack Cherian….During Zack's years of service I have seen him grow in the grace of God and I believe this evangelistic chapter in his life and ministry will continue to be a blessing to those he reaches with his gifts and talents.”

Pastor John Hagee,
(Cornerstone Church, San Antonio, Texas)

“Zack Cherian is an amazing young man of God. As you interact with him you will be aware he carries wisdom far beyond his years and that there is a remarkable anointing upon his life. He brings the presence of God when he ministers and you will see God's power on display as heaven comes to earth. I heartily endorse both the anointing on his life as well as the character base from which he operates.”

Pastor Johnny Enlow,
(Daystar Church, Atlanta, Georgia)

“I am honored to have the opportunity to write on behalf of Zack Cherian. I have known Zack now for several years. In that time, he has shown himself to be a man of character and integrity....From big churches to small churches it is a rarity to find someone with the heart of Zack Cherian...I believe that his steps truly are ordered of the Lord. God is setting him up to be used mightily. Zack’s passion and devotion to the Lord reassures me that his ministry is not just good soil to sow into, it is GREAT!”

Dr. Randy Caldwell,
(Randy Caldwell Ministries, Houston, Texas)

“Zack has a passion for souls and compassion for people. I know that Zack Cherian International Ministries will be a tremendous blessing to the nations of the world for the expansion of God’s Kingdom.”

Dr. Joseph Paturi,
(President, Temple Baptist College, Cincinnati, Ohio)

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